Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Class 37 would fit.

Among the box of diesel loco bodies that Mark brought along to the show was a Class 37. This caused me both joy and pain.

The Class 37 locomotive is my favorite big diesel. I have a few 4mm versions and a DJH kit for the same thing in 7mm (I know, I know, there is a RTR version but I wanted to build the kit) so there would be a lot to be said for adding a 3mm model to the fleet.

I could even buy an excellent kit. Building wouldn't take long as the body is a resin casting a lot more impressive than the one in the photo. It's just that I can't see any change from £100, which is a bill I don't need right now for a toy train.

So, I convinced myself that the loco wouldn't fit in the headshunt. With the real thing being 10ft longer than our largest current loco, I was sure that we'd be back to shunting one wagon at a time if I built one. We can't do that so there was a good reason not to splash the cash.

Just to prove my point, I tested the model. It fits. With two wagons. Even allowing for buffers'n'stuff on the ends it will work.

I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad.

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Colin 't Hart said...

Don't worry, be happy!

You know you want to!