Friday, May 04, 2012

Little, plastic, lamp hut

Lamp HutLast Friday, I showed you an EJAY Easykits kit for a lamp hut and promised that I would try and get it built for today. Well, I hit the deadline as you can see.

Construction involves cutting the parts out of the plastic sheet and gluing them together. This sounds easy but as each component is a bit of card stuck to plastic, what do you use as glue ?

In the end I treated this like a plastic kit - the corners were fixed with plastic cement and then washed with liquid glue, being careful to keep it inside the model and not let either reach the card.

The brick base overlays the main carcase so UHU was the tool for the job. A little wash of liquid glue along the bottom edge fixed things with any damage to the printed card hidden in the joint. The ventilator is also attached with UHU.

The finished model is, how shall we say, reminiscent of a less sophisticated era. The colours are bright, but could be weathered down a bit. The corners should be, according to the instructions, touched in with matt enamel. It still looks all printed though, and not printed as well as I could do on a modern computer printer either. I guess that's why EJAY aren't a big manufacturer nowadays, unless anyone knows different anyway.

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