Sunday, May 13, 2012

Some people liked the rain

Deep Water

The sign is finally correct - at the Knightcote Model Boat Club, we have deep water !

A dry winter had left our lake seriously short of the water that is so vital for our hobby. The metal railings you see in the photo lead down some steps. A couple of months ago you walked down the top two before getting your feet damp. Now you can't even step down from the concrete stairs without becoming soggy. Clever navigators can launch a large boat within the railings and steer it out to the water !

The lack of depth wasn't all bad - the railings and steps have been painted with anti-rust stuff and this is now under water. We were getting worried though. At the last committee meeting there were discussions about the future of the club if we reached the point were sailing was no longer possible.

Now all these fears have been laid to rest. The only trouble is, sailing in the wet isn't much fun, so now the pond is full, could we knock it off with the downpours ?

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