Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Airfix gets it wrong

Bridge in BrownThis Canberra kit takes a lot of painting. Much fiddly pre-painting before I get to the fun bits of sticking things together. I've been working on the decks and followed the notes on the instructions.

Which was a mistake. Apparently the decks are brown. But if you look at the rather excellent photo, suggested by Tanllan a few days ago,  below, you see that the ones around the bridge are green. Bright green. To be fair to the Airfixers, the painting guide says sea grey but that's as wrong as brown. The only excuse will be if the paint numbers have changed over the years, but I don't think they have, have they ?

So, my two coats of brown will need to be replaced by green. That will teach me to look at the photos before getting into the job.

(Note: The parts of the bridge shown above are just clipped together. I will be sorting out the mould lines before gluing them together)
ss Canberra

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