Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Snaefell Mountain Railway wagon

The Snaefell Mountain Railway is a tramway that runs up the only mountain on the Isle of Man. As such, it doesn't have a lot of good stock. There was a car specifically designed to haul coal to the boilers but nowadays you get trams and not much else.

However, there is a webcam pointing at it and I have this on my iGoogle home page so when I switch the computer on, I get a view of Manxland. A couple of days ago, I screen grabbed this sequence of pictures. The cafe at the top of the mountain has no road access, so if a new display unit, or supplies of food have to be delivered, these are pushed up the hill on a small wagon by a tram.

SMR wagon

During the off-season, there is still a need to get to the top of the mountain - the RAF have a couple of large transmitter aerials that need to be serviced after all. Thus, when the trams aren't running, there is a Wickham railcar to act as transport for people and supplies.

Does anyone know of a plan for this vehicle ? It would look rather fabulous on my garden railway.

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Christian said...

It's not a plan but there's a nice picture of it on wikipedia: