Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bridge ahoy !

BridgeCanberra's bridge now has green decks. It's also been fitted together - with more than a bit of fiddling to get the parts to fit properly.

It would be a good to point out that the crossed part on the top is supposed to lean backwards. It's just the photo makes it look like it's leaning to the side as well. This is not the case, I spent a lot of time poking the drying solvent joint to make it so.

At the front we have the windows. Now this boat is peppered with windows and portholes, all of which need to be painted to look right. After some cogitating, I'm going for weathered black to do this. Pure black would be too stark against the white paint and greys or blues too pale. The prototype photo makes them look black anyway so that's good enough for me.

The kit windows are moulded proud at the top and flush with the sides at the bottom. To achieve a nice neat edge I used a thin strip of Tamiya masking tape along this. A fine paintbrush and they show up nicely.

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