Saturday, December 08, 2012

Bad Boy Bauxite

BauxiteProper modellers will chose paint based on either the colour description on the side of the tin, or compare the lid to a reliable photographic source.

I'm not a proper modeller.

As far as I am concerned, bauxite is a sort of rusty colour. Looking at photographs, the stuff never seems to be the same shade between different wagons. When I brush paint, I used Humbrol 70, Brick Red. For this wagon, because it is larger and I wanted to get on, a can of Halfords red oxide primer has been sprayed on.

The results are, to my eye, pretty good. The paint finish is smooth an even. Those corners have come up nicely so the filler works well. It will be finding a more permanent spot on the bench.

Anyway, the colour looks fine to me. Eventually it will become filthy and no-one will notice. Well, except those who spend all their time worrying about such things and don't do any modelling...

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Pennine MC said...

I dont know about 'proper modeller' Phil, but I'm right with you on this. I couldnt give a stuff what it says on the lid, I judge whether the colour's right by the contents. And as for the umpteen forum threads about the 'correct' shade of bauxite - a bit of observation of the colour steam mags will often turn up two or three wagons in the same train that look radically different.

I caught onto red primer a long time ago, it's a great basis for a weathering coat.