Tuesday, December 04, 2012

What I made at Warley

Van Chassis

A wise man once told me the sign of a good demonstration at any model railway show is that you get next to no modelling done. Anyone who says, "It must be great to have a couple of days modelling time." doesn't understand why you are there.

A good demonstrator spends all the show talking to people and answering questions. If this is true, then I was a good demonstrator last weekend.

Digging through the cupboard and wondering what to take along, I found a Parkside Dundas O gauge kit for an LMS Ventilated van. Just the job - I knew it would go together well and be suitable for picking up and putting down at a moments notice when a visitor arrived.

Saturday saw the floor taken out of the box. I cleaned up the feed gates from the side.

Sunday started a lot more slowly. Being on the far side of the hall from the entrance and more importantly, the Bachmann stand, I have half an hour to kill. Even then the chairs opposite me were sometimes empty. I managed to assemble the chassis and add it to the floor.

I could stick the bits back in the box and take then next year but as I will be needing some O gauge stock, I think this one will get finished during the week. I'll post some progress reports.

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