Friday, December 28, 2012

THIS is a Boxing Day sail

Boxing Day Sail

Who wants to force poorly-paid shop staff to turn up at work at the crack of dawn on Boxing Day so we can get clothes for a few quid less than they were a couple of days earlier? Not me.

My idea of a Boxing Day sale involves standing beside a lake on a sunny day in the countryside.

Not for me, fighting through a shopping centre to max out my credit card. Far better to be somewhere peaceful with a couple of boats on the water.

The little orange one is a free- sailing RNLI battery powered toy that I suspect is intended for use in the bath. It pootles around quite happily powered by a tiny jet drive unit. OK, it's not very fast and the rudder is designed by the same man who produced the chocolate teapot. Maybe it does something but mine certainly didn't head straight across the water, more wandered aimlessly around until it hit the bank.

The other is a Vintage Model Boat Company "Mr Tom" kit built as a present for my mother. At some point, I'll detail the build here but for the moment, let me just tell you that it looked fab here but about 10 minutes later, the motor ca fire and so I have the opportunity to re-build the drive-train.

Still more fun than spending the morning in Next though.

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