Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cast bogie sides

BogieSidesThe best laid plans etc. etc.

So, there I am with 4 cast bogies side for the Groudle coach. The look OK - not perfect but good enough for the job. The spring worked pretty well so I'll use that trick in the future.

What I hadn't checked was the clearance for the bogie swing behind the steps. There is 50% of S*d all. I could fit the overlays but it would be at the expense of building a coach only capable to travelling in a straight line.

Half an hour later, I had a coarse file full of resin, a workbench covered in the stuff and a pair of very, very thinly backed sideframes. These were better but I still ended up filing the face of the axleboxes as well, which pained me to do but it was the only option.

On the side which doesn't have steps, I just flattened the back of the castings and stuck them in place.

A quick coat of black paint, some leather coloured axlebox faces (No, I don't know why but that's the colour they look in the photo) and the job was done.

Oh, and to top it all, before I started I lost one of the castings just long enough to conclude that I better make another, mix and pour the resin then find the thing before the casting had set.

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