Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rubbery handles with Plasti Dip

Hacksaw handle

I'm buying some tools for my sister this Christmas (don't worry, she asked for them) but there is a slight snag. While she's happy to have a go at a little light DIY, her skin reacts badly to contact with metal. Pure gold is OK - it would be wouldn't it - but steel and other stuff makes her go green.

So, if she's going to use the presents, either I need to gold plate them, or find another solution. As it happens, I don't need to head to the precious metal merchants, the motor industry has a fix.

DippingPlasti Dip

I've seen this stuff in classic car tools catalogues. They are full of fascinating goodies, a sort of porn for those who like to do their fiddling in the garage, and if I'm honest, I'd love a garage/workshop full of the products.However, I don't have space or a need for most of them but the Plasti Dip always intrigued me.

The idea is that you open the top of the can to find a thick paint-like substance. After a quick stir, the item to be coated is dipped into the goop, slowly pulled out and the excess allowed to run back into the can. After a few minutes it's touch dry and several hours later, fuly hardened.

So far, the results are excellent. I've coated a junior hacksaw and adjustable spanner. I had worried about getting a lumpy finish but it dries nice and tidy. The writing on the spanner handle is clear ans the hanging up hole at the end perfectly round.

The coating feels rubbery. How well it will stand up to use is another mater but at least it will stop my sister going rotten. I'm now looking through my toolkit for more things to dip - it's great fun!

Plasti Dip at Frosts


Duckie. said...

You've got me looking though my toolbox now Phil, looks good stuff!.

Jackofallhobbies said...

That's rather interesting. Over here (Canada) we have lots of tools with rubber and other grip handles.
can this stuff be applied with a paintbrush? (I would like to do the handle on my lawnmower)

Phil Parker said...

Apparently it can be painted on. The can says you should dliute it with something called naphtha.

Not only does it make good handles, it will (apparently) waterproof things too. I can see myself painting it on some under-car electric connections as it wouls seal them but be easy to peel off if required.

FleaCircusDirector said...

Naphtha can be bought as varnish or oil based paint thinners. I got some for cleaning up paint brushes after using hammerite, a 50:50 mix (in small quantitites) of naptha and acetone.

Plasti Dip said...

We would love to feature your project on our website: Can we use your image? We would give you a shoutout and link back to your blog post.

Thanks for using our products!

Plasti Dip

Phil Parker said...

Feel free to feature and link. Thanks.