Friday, December 14, 2012

Something big in Hornby Magazine

Always keen to push the boundaries of models suitable for publication in Hornby Magazine, this month I've built a pre-grouping corpse van. Yes - a bit of rolling stock designed for carrying dead people.

Not only that, but it's and etched kit so about as far from the mags normal RTR BR steam/diesel era focus as possible.

Am I mad?

No. I don't think so anyway and presumably as it's in print, neither did editor Mike. What we have is a nice introduction to etched kit building. All the soldered joins happen inside the body, so it doesn't matter if you aren't perfect with them. The kit is in easy to solder nickel-silver. A short vehicle, there's no problem forming the tumble home in the sides.

And it certainly is a bit different!

Elsewhere I introduce a major project I'm carrying out, building a 7mm scale layout called "Clayhanger Yard".

Working on the basis that the Dapol 08 and Ixion Hudswell Clarke will cause the birth of a slew of shunting plank type layouts in O gauge, we're getting in first. I've always wanted to build one of these too.

Unlike most of my magazine projects, I'll be mentioning this on the blog from time to time, so keep dropping by to get an idea of progress. Full details will be in future issues of Hornby Magazine, next time I'm building baseboard, and you can be sure that not everything will be going to plan. Don't worry, this won't be hidden from you either as fixing problems is as much a part of model making as getting things right in the first place.

Corpse Van


Bill Luty said...

Don't forget the Dapol Terrier, Phil. Now that's the one that could convert me, especially the IOW version.

Phil Parker said...

I'd forgotten the Terrier. Probably a good thing as it makes me want to do something K&ESR!

Jeffrey Showell said...

How many decades until we see a OO Hudswell Clarke? I don't want one--I want five.

Very nice paint job on the corpse van.