Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blogs of Note

The observant amongst you will have noticed in the right hand sidebar that there are lots of good things. You can ask me a question, find out how I'm getting on with the novel, visit my other website, buy the excellent Parker's Guide bookazine or even my self-published Fillets book, give me money for free by clicking on adverts (thank you) or look up topics in their entirety.

There is also a rolling display called "Blogs of note". These are the blogs I follow and if I follow them, I guess that you might like to as well. Some put up lots of posts, other very few. It doesn't matter, they are all worth a look. Just don't defect to them from me.

In case anyone is interested, the list is:

Albion Yard
Beer and Buckjumpers
Bron Hebog
Fairlight Works
Frank's Jotting
George Dent Model Maker
Go-Go Trains!
Iain Robinson - Modelmaking
Its Just Playing Trains
Michael's Model Railways
National Railway Museum blog
Railway Misadventures
Rushby's Railways
Scale Model News
Sentinal Steam Loco 7109
Wood End and Beyond
Workshop Shed

If you know of any blog that should be added, let me know.


Dan said...

I am quite a fan of George Dent's blog myself, his Maudetown layout (and rolling stock) in particular is very inspirational.

Manbench Industries said...

Thought you might be interested in our blog - model engineering, modelling,home brewing, instrument making etc etc!