Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hornby 2013 programme

Hornby have announced their programme for 2013 - It's all over the web so I won't go into detail here.
I think one loco deserves a mention, the new Sentinel 4wDM industrial shunter. First impressions are that it looks good. Apparently there is a slow-running mechanism underneath too so it ought to run well. Many will wonder what Hornby are doing producing a non-mainline engine. I think it's a clever move.
For a start, the drive system will presumably be related to DMU and EMU systems so the tooling costs will be lower than a bespoke item.  The body will still require significant investment but not as much as a steam engine.
The clever part is that the model can easily be produced in a variety of liveries thus increasing potential sales. It's a scale model that can also be eye-catching. I bet there will collectors for them all. I know I want one.


Jeffrey Showell said...

Well done Hornby! Not on any wishlist, since the major RTR poll has banished the entire industrial locomotive category. Although to my taste this particular industrial locomotive is aesthetically challenged, too modern and lacks a boiler, I am encouraged that others may follow...someday.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I see it more as a replacement for the Bachmaann Underground Ernie. If the price is right it'll end up on a few Narrow Guage layouts