Sunday, December 23, 2012

Writing for model mags in Writers Forum

Have you ever wondered how to break in to the rock'n'roll world of the model magazine ?

Well, get yourself down to WH Smith and pick up a copy of the latest issue of Writers Forum magazine where one of the greatest exponents of the art (me) will explain it to you.

Seriously though, with some ambitions to fiction writing, I bought a subscription some time ago to try and better understand the craft and then decided that pitching a piece of writing for anoraks was worth a go.

The editor grabbed it. Either they are desperate for content, or my point that model magazine writing is easy to get into (as long as you don't mind writing for society journals and not getting paid, but it's good experience and expose as well as helping the society out) and a useful adjunct to a hobby. Even if you aren't a modeller, you can always write up projects for other people.

Anyway, this make me a proper writer doesn't it?

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