Monday, December 03, 2012

Leamington & Warwick MRS on TV

If you are quick, and stand the adverts you are forced to watch, then there is some nice footage of my local model railway club to be found on the ITV player here:

Leamington and Warwick Model Railway Society on TV (Look for the 1st December 2012 episode)

The action starts just over 30 minutes in but you can shove the on-screen slider along to skip the first bits if you want.

Please ignore the commentary, it's mostly wrong (club night is Thursday, not Friday) but enjoy the pictures which are well filmed for a one-man crew.

The film is part of a holiday programme that covers the farm that the club calls home. Getting in on this was handy and provided what I think is the highlight of an otherwise run-of-the-mill show. Naughtical fans might enjoy the boat club a few minutes earlier and the tractor collection (with me playing "Machine mad man with camera" because there weren't any holiday makers to do it) before this.

What I found interesting was just how much footage the cameraman took. For our 3 minutes of fame, he had the best part of 2 hours in the can. With all these little production companies able to do this on the cheap, it makes you wonder why daytime TV isn't full of shows covering peoples hobbie's?

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