Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Alan Gibson Photos: B12


One thing I remember about Alan is that he was never that much interested in creating a model railway. He much preferred to work on individual items of rolling stock. Although complete, his layout was a backdrop for photography and I don't remember him ever mentioning actually running it.

This is why we have a B12 locomotive in full LNER livery complete with the early, pierced splashers. The metalwork under the curved footplate was later removed, presumably as it got in the way and possibly was considered a bit "fussy".

As for the origins of the model - difficult to tell. I suspect that there is some Trinag in here but if there is, not a huge amount. Those handrails didn't come from Margate.

Looking at a back view of the model, there is a cab full of metal block, but not the angled end of an X04 motor so I the jury is out. Peering at the wheels doesn't help are I can't see any Romford axle ends.

Whatever, a lovely model.

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