Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lifeboat Trio

Light blogging today - I'm still sorting out stuff from Hartlepool show (more on this at the weekend) and the Bachmann open day (more on this tomorrow), so here's some pictures.

While wandering around Hartlepool marina, I found a total of 3 lifeboats. You don't normally find that many in on place, so here's the pictures.

First, Pride of the Humber, a Severn Class lifeboat.

Pride of the Humber

Next, Forward Birmingham, a Trent lifeboat. Part of the relief fleet, presumably Pride of the Humber is heading off for a refit or repair.

Forward Birmingham

and finally, The Pricess Royal, a Watson class lifeboat built in 1938. Some interesting history for this vessel here.

Hartlepool Lifeboat

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