Thursday, July 11, 2013

Clyde Puffer and Boiler House in Hornby Magazine

Hornby Mag arrives this month and inside I'm hard at work in Clayhanger Yard installing a boiler house and several feet of factory building.  This end of the layout is looking good now, which is a relief as it's off to a show this weekend.


Parker's Guide sees me heading out to sea with a Clyde Puffer. You might wonder why we are building a boat in a model railway magazine, but only if you've never seen my layout Melbridge Dock. A pair of puffers adorn the layout and it's a very practical and popular ship for railway modellers.

Being only 60ft long in real life, they are small enough for your average layout. The real things are surprisingly large.



Philip Anderson said...

Did you use real or fake coal for this scene and where did you get it?

Phil Parker said...

Real Welsh Steam coal. Bougth in a big bag at a model engineering show. A lifetimes supply for a tenner!