Sunday, July 28, 2013

Large Scale aircraft at Cosford

Miniature Formattion FlyingHooray for overcast weather!

The trip to Cosford to see large scale model aircraft flying was looking dodgy as the idea of spending several hours on an exposed and baking airfield didn't appeal much. On the day, the skies were cloudy, with just a hint that things might brighten up a bit so off we set.

Arrival involved parking on the field and strolling about 5 minutes to the show itself. Cost to get in was a tenner (9 quid for old people), model rail fans will squeal at this but it isn't that bad value and by the end of the day, were perfectly happy. As we walked toward the flight-line, there was a pair of Red Arrows jets flying formation. !/4 scale versions that is, and boy, they were flying.

The day went on with us looking over the trade stalls, most of whom came with tent-type accommodation, and emerging to see more wonders in the sky. Walking out to 9 WW1 aircraft was particularly impressive.

That's something you can also say about the jets. One was clocked at 160mph along the line. That's at about 20 feet off the ground too. These things might not be cheap of quick to make, the Red Arrows were apparently £15k each and the 20 foot wingspan Vulcan £35k + a new van is it was too big for the one he owned, but they don't treat them with kid gloves.


Basically, the flying was fabulous, apart from one stuck undercarriage there were no problems and thankfully, no crashes. The models were superb. Even if they didn't fly they would have been impressive.

The trade was fun as we've no intention of building a model aircraft so the kits weren't tempting. I still came away with a bag of new clamps and other tools though.

Plenty of photos too. Head over here to have a look.

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