Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Loading platform

There's a lot of Clayhanger Yard this week as it's off up to Hartlepool this weekend.

Loading Bay top

Job number 1 is to ballast the left hand baseboard. Before I can do that though, I need the loading platform for the corner.

Constructions is simple cardboard modelling with a scribed top (using the back of the scalpel) and base designed to keep the top 33mm above the woodwork. Testing with a Dapol wagon shows this to be about right.

Loading Bay bottom
I've described this sort of work loads of times in print so I'm not going to do it again but as you can see, it's pretty simple if you can cut a straight line. I do like Deluxe Materials card glue for this work as it grabs instantly which is handy when fixing a strip of card that has to follow a curve.
Behind, ballasting has started. A swizzle stick from the pub is ideal for mixing the watered down PVA glue mix once I've finished with it in a cooling pink or orange and lemonade. Trouble is, it's dirty now so perhaps I should go and get another one!

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