Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Modelcraft Magazine, Vol1 No. 1

Finally, something in modelmaking that increases in value! Sold in February 1947 for a shilling, I bought a copy in 2013 for 50p - a tenfold increase in just 66 years. If the city of London had invested this wisely, then the economy wouldn't be in the mess it is now.

Inside the front cover, the editor announces that this new magazine has been published in response to the excellent sales of the Aug 1946 List which included a few articles. Since WW2 was only just finished, I imagine that modellers were delighted to be able to read anything without the Hun shooting at them.

Anyway, there is a call for articles for which, "We pay well for" and don't need to be of great literary merit since the mag has a tame literary expert on hand to ginger up the text.

So what is in this issue?

Forming and Running a Model Aircraft Club
Making an Artificial Sea
A Rudderless Ship (Information on the Cycloidal Propeller where we don't refer to the German name)
Modelcraft product list for Feb 1947
News Items and Ideas
Some Simple Holding Devices and Methods
Flags and the Ship Modeller
Road vehicle registration numbers
Judging card for Waterline Ship Models.

All good stuff if a bit dry as articles written back then tended to be, Having said this, all of the methods demonstrated would work today and in the Holding Devices, there is a tool I fancy making as it looks very ingenious.

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