Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Alan Gibson Photos: Persil Wagon


Hand lettering private owner wagons is something that scares the heck out of most of us. What appears so simple to the untrained eye is a nightmare once you get started. Alan was a professional draughtsman in the era where this meant drawing boards, film and pens rather than CAD packages, so presumably setting out text on a wagon side came a little more naturally. This, the paint-job shown here is a paint job with no recourse to transfers.

This model is kit-built (you can see the early Romford/Jackson wheels) and pre-dates Mainline's ready to run version by some time. Those hefty 3-link couplings would work too - none of your tension-lock tosh ruining the end of this model!

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Iain Robinson said...

That lettering is so good, it's scary. I had a customer a few years back that had me hand-letter endless rakes of waggons...I still couldn't approach this for quality, it's wonderful.