Thursday, July 04, 2013


wheelsA nice touch on the Thornycroft kit is the inclusion of 2 sets of wheels.

Because of the age of the prototype, it's perfectly possible that solid tyres might be fitted when the lorry was new. For my layout, some of the those modern inflatable jobbies are more appropriate.

Driving around on solids must have been "interesting" although I suppose when you are used to horse-drawn transport, the lorry probably seemed like a luxury anyway.

The rear wheels were soldered in place but at the front, I used some pound shop 2-part epoxy blobbed on the back of the hubs. The idea was that with a reasonable amount of slop in the setup, left dry overnight, the model would sit square on a flat surface.

Somehow, this hasn't happened but only by a whisker. A few passes of a coarse file will sort this out.

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