Tuesday, February 18, 2014

3D photos. The future?

Fuji 3D cameraOver the Doncaster weekend, there was a first for one of my layouts - it was photographed by a proper 3D camera. Years ago, some kid had a go with a Nintendo 3DS but the little tyke ran off before I could see the results so it doesn't count. This time it was a grownup with a real camera and he was happy to let me have a look.

The camera in question is a Fuji Finepix 3D W3

It has two lenses that take the left and right "eye" pictures. The results can be viewed on a lenticular lens covered screen on the back of the device. For larger viewing, the camera can be plugged in to the 3D TV or the results can be expensively printed at several places. The device even supports the traditional red/green glasses system.

As well as still pictures, the camera can take video and the results look pretty impressive.

Is this the future? Will toy train magazines go all 3D?

Not for a while I suspect but it's certainly an interesting idea. If the printing problems could be solved (i.e. made cheaper) then I can actually see the results being really interesting. I'm hoping that initially they are only used for layout pictures though - editing out bad background and dust from 2 images instead of 1 for the step-by-step guides will be a pain unless someone invents a 3D Photoshop system.

Still, interesting to see the camera produced by a mainstream manufacturer. You can even buy them on Amazon. And yes, I am tempted...

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nwhitehead said...

I used to have a Viewmaster and a collection of discs mainly of the USA.