Monday, February 17, 2014

Double ended embossing tool

Card ScriberSomething a bit specialised has been added to the toolbox recently - an Amaco T-3 double-ended embossing tool. I bet Iain Robinson is coveting it already.

For those who aren't nerdy about scribing tools, this is a well made device for drawing lines in soft surfaces such as the face of cardboard. At the end of the prongs sticking out of each end is a tiny ball. One end is larger than the other.

The wooden handle is comfortable to hold and it's easy to produce consistent depressions, not grooves as you would get with a knife, in the card. I quickly and cleanly marked up some brickwork. Yes, I know you can only see the horizontal lines in the picture, the verticals are there but white card marked in white is difficult to photograph.

4 quid for a blunt metal spike probably seems like an odd way to divest yourself of money to some. Not me, I anticipate marking out lots of paving slabs with this thing in the future.

Amaco T-3 tool came from Freestone Model Accessories.


Paul B. said...

Good tools are an investment and probably a better way of spending the hard-earned than buying yet another RTR impulse buy that'll sit in a drawer forgotten. I saw these on a stand at the recent Stafford show and was tempted. £4 gets you a very nicely made tool that'll last for years and do much good work.

Anonymous said...

You can buy a similar item for manicuring your nails. They come in packs of 4 tools, each with a different sized ball on each end for a couple of quid. I think that they are used for applying dots of different colours on top of painted nails. Kevin