Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cooper Craft Bedford Lorry

Bedford 1I think Cooper Craft kits are fantastic. Over the years I've built an awful lot of them. From the basic OO wagons and GWR platform trolleys through to the 16mm rolling stock, every one has been beautifully mastered and moulded., a joy to stick together.

There are a couple of AEC Monarch's on Melbridge Dock from the days when it was this or converting an Airfix kit for the plastic lorry maker, but I know I've used several more than this over the years.

Not everything is rosy in the range however, there is one kit that has defeated me in the past - The Bedford Lorry.

A relatively recent addition to the line up, I can only assume that the toolmaking was contracted out to someone very different to the person who produced everything else. It's quite frankly awful.

This isn't due to being an old mould. I snagged one of these almost as soon as it appeared on the market. The Bedford is a lovely looking lorry and I really wanted one. Sadly, the kit was more flash than part and after an abortive attempt at assembly, I threw it in the bin.

At Warley, Matt Dawson presented me with a bag of kits'n'bits. In there was another Bedford. I knew I was destined to give the model another go. And if it all went wrong, I could blame Dawson for lumbering me with a rubbish kit.

Anyway, a quick look shows the parts to be as horrible as ever. Flash everywhere and those parts that I can see look a bit indistinct. Even the wheels, the same sprue as in the AEC kit, are poorly moulded as though the machine didn't close properly or the two halves of the mould aren't perfectly in line.

Never mind, I will not be defeated this time!

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Jeffrey Showell said...

I've read that the Bedford is a very challenging model.

Supplies of Coopercraft plastic models appear to have dried up. Still waiting for over 18 months for an order to be fulfilled for two AEC lorries for an attempt at a pantechnicon conversion. I am not hopeful. (I'm not in the UK, so no hope for finding one outside mail order.)