Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fun, free, card kits

We all love free stuff don't we?

Well, if you have a printer and some card that can be run through it, the people at have produced a rather nifty model of the star of their latest adverts, Brian the Robot.

I passed the bits over to my Dad, also called Brian, who had them assembled in double quick time. He reports that the model is easy to put together and therefore probably suitable for children to cut their teeth on.

At 14cm tall, it's not big enough to be a storage problem but large enough for play value. They even suggest a way to make the arms move.

Quite who thought up the idea, I'm not sure. It's a bit of a laugh though.

Download Brian the Robot in kit form here.

Less easy, which is why you don't see a finished model here, are the Koolwheelz ShowRodz from Dave's Card Creations.

I did download the drag racing VeeDub but all the curved parts defeated me - and that's only a medium skill kit!
The Locomotive is based on the Monagram "Honest Engine" kit, another I now wish to add to my collection if I can find one at a price I can afford.


Stephen said...

I have PDF files for a card kit of a Darjeeling & Himalayan Railway B class which I found online, unfortunately I no longer have a record of where it came from!

Iain Robinson said...