Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Country House

MiniArt Country House

A little taster here for a project I'm working on. The model is built from the MiniArt Country House plastic kit and very nice it is too.

Assembly is reasonably simple and after painting using my usual methods (pencil crayons on a mortar colour for the walls) it looks pretty nice. Idea for a gatehouse at one end of the drive for a stately home, the later being hidden away by some trees perhaps.


Huw Griffiths said...

A number of people might find the MiniArt website very interesting.

Quite apart from their range of kits (mainly in 1:35 scale), their site also includes sections on how to assemble and paint model kits.

The February / March 2004 edition of "Tamiya Modelling Magazine International" included a build of a 1:35 resin tram kit - they incorporated it into a wartime diorama. It looked good, too - albeit very expensive (and not easy to find).

I could see the MiniArt(#38001) European Tram kit - or their planned (#38003) German Tramcar kit - appealing to many of the same modellers - and offering similar levels of detail at a much lower price.

Other kits - that might appeal to some people - include their (#35124) Gaz AA and (#35127) Gaz AAA cargo trucks - also in 1:35 scale.

OK - so these were Russian trucks - which were used by both sides in World War 2 - but there's more to them than meets the eye.

The Gaz AA was basically a Ford AA truck, built under licence - and the Gaz AAA was a 3 axle version.

Strange as this might seem, this might also be of interest to some large scale railway modellers.

During the 1930s, one German company built some railbuses - using two Ford AA front ends grafted onto a single chassis - with a passenger saloon between them.

This railbus design was particularly distinctive - some might even say iconic - it was the Wismar railbus.

Phil Parker said...

I'm a big fan of the MiniArt kits. The Goods Shed I built in Airfix magazine:

and the engine shed for Hornby Magazine:

Both fabulous buildings. I'll admit I'd seen the tramcar on the website and fancy a go at that one day. Pity it's not in a standard railway modelling scale but then that doesn't really matter.