Monday, February 03, 2014

Eddie's eyes

Before my friend Eddie died last year, he was building a model of a German wartime boat by converting a plastic kit.

He was very keen to super-detail the model and to this end had bought in quite a few after-market bits and pieces. There was quite a lot of brass etching, not just on the boat but also on the uniforms of the figures.

In addition, he hadn't been able to resist some transfers for the men's eyeballs. These came from Archer Transfers.

We'd joked about these as the idea of going to this level of detail fascinated both of us. Sadly, Eddie passed away before he finished the boat but when a large collection of tools and materials from his estate arrived at the club rooms, I was delighted to find the part-used sheet amongst them.

It's not much to remember a really nice guy by, but some day I'll have a model that deserves these and will think of Eddie when I use them.

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