Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sentinel, trees and a little hut in BRM

The March BRM arrives a couple of days early this month, for subscribers and those who visited the Doncaster show anyway.
My contributions are varied. For a start, we've a bit of a Sentinel-fest with a look at the prototype over the years including a fantastic collection of colour shots. There's a review of the Hornby diesel version  and I broke out the soldering iron to assemble the RT Models etched kit of the 100HP steam version.

Sentinel and van

The two-hour project has a different format to previous efforts. This time I've been making trees using different methods. None of these take 2 hours so instead I've given a guide to the time required for each. A bit of a cheat I know, but planting Edgeworth did take around 2 hours...


Talking of the beginners layout, we reach part 3 of the supplements which is where the basic model comes alive with some detail. Since I was given a free hand, the beginner is introduced to scratchbuilding with a little, wooden hut as one of the projects.

Edgeworth Hut

"You can't ask beginners to build something from scratch!", I hear you cry.

I can you know. There's nothing scary about chopping up bits of cardboard and (IMHO) it's great fun. More to the point, if you enjoy modelling rather than just owning stuff, why not have a go at using raw materials? And what better place to start then with a small building?

More about the March BRM here.

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