Sunday, February 16, 2014

Steampunk Steam Train race

Hat-tip to Scale Model News for spotting this fantastic bit of animation.

Steampunk chuffers in a race that reminds me of Whacky Races more than Formula 1. Aside from being incredibly well done, it makes me wonder if a model version of some of this would be possible. We see an awful lot of realistic minitaures of days gone but what about applying the same level of care to some futuristic models?


Apple Tree said...

Wonderful stuff ! Where is it from a film or some thing ? Seems too good just to be a one off.
Thanks for showing this.

Anonymous said...

Making 'models of the future' is kind of what I'm trying (very slowly) to do the my Körschtalbahn model: not what 'might have been' but what 'might yet be'.

I've often thought about similar things to this in another way: with my theatre background I've wondered if you could make a story with a combination of live acting and models on a layout, with the two working. To use this example, you could have a couple of actors as 'drivers' and the race could be on the model with them acting as if they are in the cab. I wouldn't go for a very exact reproduction: probably there would be a lot more traditional steampunk clothes and interaction before and after the race, but the same sort of idea.

Not sure how you'd sell it to exhibition managers though.