Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bedford in primer

Primed Bedford

If I told you this was a whitemetal kit, and you weren't an avid reader of this blog, you'd probably believe me.

With a coat of Halfords primer showing up every lump and bump, the initially disappointing kit isn't looking too bad (I don't normally prime plastic models, I just do it here to show the defects so I can fix them). The corner of the cab nearest the windscreen is the worst problem and even that needs another smear of filler to smooth it off a bit. I might even get away with a heavy application of paint.

I have managed to avoid filling gaps where there should be gaps such as around the doors. British workmanship and subsequent ownership being what it is, perfect panel lines are not required. Many restorers actually produce a vehicle far better than it would have rolled off the assembly line in this respect.

There's a sink hole to fill in the fuel tank too - I should have done this before primer really. Apart from that, it's not bad. OK, not a Pendon model but for something on a layout where the eye doesn't bother to linger, perfectly acceptable to me.


Chris Thomas said...

Well done at getting this slightly problematic kit looking so good!My own has been left half completed, following disappointment with the overall fit of the parts.

I would say that I think you may have transposed the wheels. The front wheels should show the dish to the outside, and the rear twin wheels should show the dish facing inwards. It doesn't help that the wheels are as you remark far too large for a Bedford, being simply the mouldings originally developed for the AEC lorry.

The wheels are a very distinctive part of a truck. One popular mainstream brand of commercial vehicles uses the same wheel for all its models; not too bad when they are of the right diameter, but an absolute killer of realism when they are not.

Look forward to seeing the finished model!

Chris Thomas

Iain Robinson said...

It does capture a certain character of these vehicles and you have done a great job making a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Perhaps for me at least, the radiator is a little large...but as you say, it will look fine in the general scheme of things, esp in the green livery.

Phil Parker said...

Chris - Ooops. Too late to swap them now. Can't believe I didn't spot that. Wonder if anyone will notice on the layout...