Thursday, October 30, 2014

A couple of souvenirs

"What did you bring back from your holiday Phil?", I hear you ask.

Well, there is an awful lot of stuff the tempt the tourist but assuming you don't need a "genuine" Aboriginal boomerang or didgeridoo and prefer something railway related then the list becomes a lot shorter.

In my suitcase, a GWR 0-4-2 was to be found. Purchased for $20AUS from the convention second hand stall, this is a K's whitemetal kit still running on its original wheels. While the paintwork could do with a little touching up and a new smokebox dart is called for, the loco runs quite a bit better than the poorly Airfix GWR version I bought from eBay to operate Edgeworth.

I quite like the idea that I've imported a British model built by an Aussie. It's perfect reminder of the convention.

A plastic Koala might at first appear to have less of a model railway connection, but I spotted a wild one whilst photographing a model railway out in the wilds of Adelaide. Not something that happens in the UK!



Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,
You may be interested to know that 1420 is the preserved 14xx at the South Devon Railway. Their website shows a photo of her in this paint scheme but with differences in the fittings.
She is currently out of service so may be getting a change of livery.
I have just purchased a Class 33 33002 in the grey and yellow Dutch livery from Heljan, lovely model well worth the £99 and ideal for my layout of the preserved line. But on a visit to the SDR this week saw a new 33 in original green, then noticed the number D6501, is 33002 in a previous life. Oh dear. How inconsiderate :-(

Phil Parker said...

Thanks - I'll take a look at the real loco. Apart from the smokebox dart though, mine stays as it is. There is something about buying a British loco built in Oz that really appeals to my sense of the ridiculous. :-)