Monday, October 06, 2014

A tiny J70

Tram 1

According to the packet of this kit, it's for a "Toby J70/Y6". Interesting that Thameshead Models think that we hard core chuffer builders will associate the design with the Rev W Awrdy's books before we think of the LNER prototype!

The 2mm scale kit is a simple whitemetal model designed to fit on a Lima motor bogie. A neat piece of design is that the sides are double-sided. Since the loco is not symmetrical along the centre axis - the cylinders are at one end, all the modellers has to do is use the inside out on one side and the result will be accurate (that doesn't make sense I think.).

Other parts are fiddly, small and not very cleanly cast. Feting the buffers will be an act of sculpture but never mind, for the purposes I have bought this for, it's not going to be examined too closely.

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Odds said...

Or if you want the 4 wheel one, Phil, N-Drive Productions do a similar kit. It was the first master I did for him.