Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bachmann 1F



"Another RTR loco? That's the second one you've bought this year!", I hear you cry.

Guilty as charged. I appear to have fallen in to the trap that has already snared so many modellers. I have bought a toy chuffer just because I like it.

It's been a long process. The first production shot appeared over a year ago and the moment I saw the detailed cab, I knew I wanted one. Yes, there is no use for it at all on any of my layouts, but I don't care.

3F cab

Just look at the exquisite workmanship going on in here. I'd struggle to produce a kit that looked this good and not just 'cos I'm not very good at making things. This little loco simply oozes character.

Of course, the cab glazing includes a joining piece that is very visible. And we really need a crew in there. It's far too clean too.

Basically, I've bought one and now (according to a proper collector) I'm working out how to ruin it.


Anonymous said...

RTR collectors, I've never understood them...

matt scrutton said...

Is it not just the thing for Melbridge Dock?

Phil Parker said...

Wheelbase is probably a bit long for the tighter curves. I'll try it next time the layout is assembled.