Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Yard crane

Yard Crane

Yard cranes in Australia, at least those on branch lines, seem to have two designs.

The first we can describe as "looking a lot like the Wills kit" and because of this can be ignored.

The other, and far more common version, is this tall example. For some reason, even though none appear to have seen any lifting action for many, many years, there are loads around. I reckon I saw at least 20 in my short time. Examples have survived even when the tracks they would have served have long since gone.

Yard Crane base

The design is ingenious. A central pivot point anchors the crane and the base rotates around this. Sadly I didn't get any measurements - long tape measures and long haul luggage allowances do not make good bedfellows - but I'm sure someone has a plan somewhere. Possibly even a kit.

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