Thursday, October 02, 2014

Off down under

OK - All being well, when you read this I will be on the very first leg of a trip which involves the British Railway Modellers of Australia convention in Adelaide.

Blogging for the next three weeks might be a little bit erratic. I have set some posts up in advance but as I write this one, I'm not sure if there is enough for one every single day. Sorry about that.

Of course, this is the Interweb and I understand it is available all over the world so I'm very hopeful that I can pop in a few posts about my travels as I make them.

As they say, watch this space.


lienbackwards said...

Bon Yoyage!

Iain Robinson said...

Good luck, Phil - I hope it goes well for you.

James Finister said...

Have a great trip, I think you'll find it an eye-opener.