Friday, October 03, 2014

Getting things ready for the trip

Aussie Bits

The last few days have seen some frenzied activity as I prepare for my trip to Aus. Talks have been tweaked (I've already tested these) and handouts produced. There has even been some modelling. Thanks to the generosity of Skytrex, I have some castings to demo brick colouring.

My workshop will be on modifying resin buildings. I'm not filling a suitcase with model structures so the audience will have to make do with photos. However, the brick colouring technique I use has made a huge difference to my modelling and so I'm going to finish each workshop with this and let people get a bit "hands on" with it.

If you are down-under, please come along and say hello. Looking at the schedule, this looks like a fantastic event. All being well I'm going to be a busy chap in Adelaide. Hopefully I'll get some pictures posted on here, so watch this space.

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