Monday, October 13, 2014

Prototype follows model - Part 1 - The Baby Deltic

Baby Deltic to be

Many years ago, if you wanted a Baby Deltic for your model railway, you took a Class 37, a saw and started chopping. You'd need a Class 20 chassis for the underpinnings too. After a few hours happy modelling, the result could be a pretty good facsimile of the prototype. If keen, a quick article in one of the magazines of the day would follow. I know - I read at least one.

Now you can buy a RTR model from Heljan and all this sort of fun has ceased.

Except it hasn't. Tucked away in Barrow Hill is the Baby Deltic Project. In real life they are doing what we used to do in model form. Taking a Class 37 (37 372) and chopping the shell to produce a Baby Deltic. Class 20 bogies support the loco.

This isn't some dodgy cut'n'shut job either. Unlike the traditional second hand car dealers "modifications", this is a fully engineered transformation. Looking at the photo, you can see the work being carried to shorten the locomotive nose. Amazingly, all this will be completed for a mere £33,000. A tiny amount to plug a gap in the list of prototype locos we can enjoy.

Visit the Baby Deltic Website for more information.


Stuart Firth said...

I disapprove so strongly about this, just as I do the Didcot lot chopping up steam locos to produce one they don't have. Get over it guys, if you want one build it from scratch, don't destroy another artefact just to produce something that will never have any historical significance - Rant over !

Phil Parker said...

I see your point about steam locos but with so many 37s preserved already, this can't be a problem. Your argument seems to be that it's OK to scrap this loco and build all the parts you could have taken from it from scratch.

Stuart Firth said...

I think my point is that if they owned a 37 it was their duty to preserve it - I realise this is impossibly high-handed and unreasonable but I still feel the same !

Motorised Dandruff said...

If they owned the 37 its their choice what they do with it, even up to selling it for scrap.
According to wikipedia there are 48 class 37's preserved, surely thats enough?

Anonymous said...

The 37 was going for scrap, it was a bare shell. Better to be a Baby Deltic than razor blades.