Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pot of bearings

When I pen a magazine article, one phrase I hope never to write is, "I got this from the spares box."

How frustrating is that for the reader? I might have a spares box able to provide the vital missing part but that's not much help to anyone trying to follow the project. Not unless I'm selling special spares boxes with all the rubbish you might need for modelling.

Actually, that's an idea. I bet they would sell. Especially if I got someone famous to brand them...

Anyway, on the blog it doesn't matter. So, here is my brass bearing jam jar. It's where I go when I need to stick some bearings in a chassis and the kitmaker hasn't thought to supply them. Once you've been modelling for a while, you build up this sort of bits stock and the building process becomes quicker and easier.

Mind you, I can't remember why I bought most of this stuff.

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