Saturday, June 11, 2016

A boat project meets the deadline

Red boat front

I'm pleased to say that my "Chairman's Challenge" boat is ready for this weekend's KMBC open day.

As you can see, the colours chosen will stand out on the water, I'll be able to see the model from the other side of the lake. My choices are based on a prototype photo showing a red hull and blue anti-fouling paint. The cream wheelhouse and brown rear cabin are my idea and the green roof - well I'd originally thought grey but once the colours were laid on, the model really needed a "prettier" colour.

Red boat rear

At the back there is a stainless steel exhaust. This is painted with Mr Hobby colour and the portholes are Darkstar "Molten metal" brass. A final spray with Humbrol satin varnish brought all the colours together and also made them "zing" a bit. 

Navigation lights and a spotlight came from the spares box and can be made to operate. At some point I fancy trying a radio controlled switch so I can operate them from the handset. These 2.4ghz sets all have at least 5 channels and I'm only using 2 at the moment.

There is only one slight snag. Thanks to a double booking, I can't make the open day myself and thanks to my father feeling under the weather, he's not going either, so the model can't be entered in the competition I built it for! 

Never mind, I enjoyed the build and hopefully have a very useful "Thursday morning" boat that can be sailed at a moments notice if the weather looks nice.

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Nick Brad said...

I really like the green, I always think of red and green together as "boaty" colours.

It's a shame you won't be able to enter the competition, but if your weather is anything like what we have at the moment, the conditions probably won't be the sort of thing you'd want to be sailing in anyway