Monday, June 27, 2016

M wagon

A bit more in the way of Aussie projects this week. Tucked away in a box of souvenirs, is a Steam Era Models Victorian Railways 'M' Wagon.
The kit is a modern multi-media production. Most of the parts are very well moulded plastic, with crisp detail. There's also some wire and a small fret of etched details. 

To be honest,I know nothing of the prototype. The kit was bought in a model shop visited in Victor Harbour, the first of many during the trip. I picked it because I liked the quality of the mouldings and the finished model on the packet was suitable "Aussie". 

To be honest, I can't do any better than point you at than this excellent web page over at so for more details, head over there.In the meantime, I'll start with the chassis.

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Evan said...

I've been putting together 2 of their GY wagons for a friend here in NZ and found them to be nice wee kits....the plastic bits went together well and the brass etches were used for all the fiddly bits, just as it should be. Admittedly I left all the wire work off the first one (brake straps, uncoupling levers etc) but that was more about getting my head around the construction process while I completed wagon number 1. Wagon number 2 will be much better, I promise!