Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tractor heaven at the Kenilworth show

Ford 5000 and 7000

Off to the Kenilworth agricultural show last Sunday Oh Arrr.

While sensible people were browsing the country crafts and tat sales stands, I headed over to the classic farm machinery section where there was a foyne display of old tractors as well as their more modern (and massive) cousins in use today.

Orange tractor

Being nerdy, I quickly collected photos of old farm equipment plus lots of shots showing wear and tear (what the antique trade calls "patina") on the engine parts as a guide to painting.

Besides farm impelments, there was also plenty of classic cars.

Morris Minor engine

Again, very nice, even if some idiot had parked a modern BMW in the middle which I've had to clean out of the photos.

Trainwise, were limited to this:


and the best collection of Big-Big trains I've seen for a while, with added religious messages.

Gods wonderful train set


luke stevens said...

Love the weathering on the orange tractor!

Apple Tree said...

What is the Orange Tractor ? Unknown make to me.

Phil Parker said...

No idea of the make, the badge was polished smooth.

James Finister said...

I think the orange tractor might be a Renault