Saturday, June 18, 2016

Cassiopeia sails!

Cassiopeia sails for the first time.

A rare sunny moment on Thursday saw me finally sail my latest model boat - and I'm pleased to say that it has turned out very well.

Almost silent on the water, it tootles around with an nice range of speeds, from scale a couple of notches up on the transmitter to get out of trouble at the top. Tweaks to the weight distribution mean that at full tilt, the bow rises slightly rather than digging in and eating part of the lake!

Cassiopeia sails for the first time

A squirt of grease up the propshaft seems to have cured the very minor water ingress too. Radio reception is fine everywhere on our admittedly small lake.

All in all, a good Thursday morning boat. I might not have won any prizes, but I have made something very usable and that's a success in my book.

Talking of the competition, the torrential rain rather messed this up apparently but the winner, and a boat I wouldn't hope to beat for ingenuity or attractiveness, was built by Ken (no relation) Parker:

Percy the paddle steamer


Nick Brad said...

That little Percy just shows what a bit of imagination can do, two very different results from the same starting point

Phil Parker said...

I'm going to try and photograph some of the others when I get the chance. The idea of a standard hull works well and as you say, with a bit of imagination you get some very different results.