Saturday, June 25, 2016

Neko Works cartoon Karmann Ghia

Part of my catch-up involves clearing the detritus on my modelling board. After several weeks hard work, it was rather overflowing. Digging through the rubbish and putting away the tools, I found a couple of little kits nestling in the corner behind the turps jamjar. 

One is this Neko Works cast resin cartoon model of a VW Karmann Ghia. I've always loved this car and when I spotted this in the model shop in Sydney, it was cheap and I had to have it, which means it's been kicking around for over 18 months. 

Anyway, the casting took a little cleaning up followed by a spray of car primer. The rest was hand-painted enamel. Hand painted because while spraying would give a superior finish, the masking up would be a fiddly nightmare. 

All went well until it came to varnish the thing. My plan involved a can of car lacquer. That's where it all went wrong. Maybe the can was too old, and I can't remember when I bought it, or one of the coats was too thick, but it's gone a bit white and less than transparent in places. What I should have done is airbrushed a thin coat, that would have been much better. 

One day I'll strip and re-paint the model but for the minute it can sit in the Aussie corner of my display case. 

Blue Neko Works Karmann Ghia

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