Tuesday, June 28, 2016

M wagon chassis

Australia and Britain are two countries separated by half a planet and a common language.  According to the excellent instructions with this kit, down under what we call a "solebar", they call a "sill". There's also the Americanism of numbering drill bits, so we make a 0.7mm or #70 hole for the cross wire. 

Apart from this, chassis construction is pretty conventional to anyone familiar with a Parkside or Cambrian kit. Bearings are provided but moulded in derelin rather than turned from brass. They pop straight in the axleboxes though so no difference. 

Interesting that there are only 4 brake shoes and that they act on the outside of the wheels as opposed to the inside as you find in Britain.

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Glover said...

I've always been fasinated by the railways of Australia although they are a rather long way from Ireland!

It might be worth putting "Lambing Flat model railway" into Google. It is being built by a man who works for Australian Model Railway Magazine; James McInerney.
Its one of the finest model railways I have ever seen.

He has built what appears to be a number of these kits although the roofs on his appear to be corrugated iron.
He models New South Wales railways, which were built to standard gauge whereas the packaging on yours appears to say Victorian Railways. Is that State of?
In which case, they should be five foot three inch gauge!
That of course is the Irish gauge and explains why the State of Victoria built to this standard.
Good luck with the build and thank you for a great daily read.