Friday, June 24, 2016

Model making in the Rothchilds garden

Normally I cover the contents of the BRM DVD in the magazine post but I thought this time I'd show a little behind the scenes stuff. 
Outdoor filming

If you've seen the issue, you'll know that much of the action was filmed at Exbury Gardens, home to the Rothschild family and their garden railway.

When planning the shoot, someone came up with the idea that I ought to do a little modelling with the garden as a backdrop. This seemed like a harmless idea until the morning of the shoot where the sea seemed to be falling fronm the sky. Before setting out, I checked there was somewhere covered for me to work.

There was, but as you can see, the sunshine held long enough for me to perch on a bench and use a lightly wobbly folding table to do a bit of fern building.

I can hoestly say I've never built models in quite such a picturesque location though, it was great fun.

After filming, I spent some time chatting to the guys running the railway. Discussing the Vale of Rhiedol, I commented that I rather liked the locos in BR blue.

"You'll be interested to see what I had delivered today then."

Owain Glyndwr

A Roundhouse Rhiedol in the second version of the BR blue livery. As far as its owner knows, this is the only one of these models to carry the colour. The livery has been applied beautifully and certainly sits well on the model.

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