Sunday, June 05, 2016

What's that on the cover of Model Rail?

A picture of my Hellingly Hospital Railway model on the front of a rival magazine's cover? 

No-one was more surprised than me when this popped up, but I'll admit to being a bit chuffed. Looking inside, there are a series of short articles providing inspiration for more unusual prototypes that would make interesting model railways. Once of these is hospitals, and as illustration, they have used a photo from the article I wrote years ago for the magazine, pictures taken by Chris Nevard. 

(This isn't Hellingly, he did 3 layouts in one session at our club and every one had to be dusted)

While I don't get paid, it's nice that the model is remembered. It's also a very interesting issue which I will be pinching ideas from maybe...

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Paul B. said...

I noticed that as well. HH is a fine layout that deserves exposure.
Might actually buy MR this month, looks like a very interesting issue full of off-beat ideas.