Tuesday, June 07, 2016

First sail

First Sail

On a quiet, but dry, evening last week, my dad and I snuck down to the model boat club to test our challenge boats. No-one was around so we switched on the transmitters and launched. 

While I'm not telling you about his, my model went very well. It sat nice and level for a start. It didn't sink (always good this one). 

Starting up, the model moved off pretty sharpish. The big propeller gives it a fair turn of speed. In fact I didn't dare take it all the way as the bow wave threatened to swamp the deck. Give it a couple of notches on the controller and it's perfectly happy. 

I'm thinking I'll be taking a bit of weight out of the bow just to tip it backward slightly. Although it's not digging in, I'd like a bit more hull above that bow wave. I'll certainly not be making holes in the front for a anchor chain!

First sail 2

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